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Art: Artists have the creative liberty to produce and sell their works, raising funds for our selected philanthropy through our annual benefit show.


Philanthropy: Members research educational content to further our understanding of social injustices, decide on a philanthropic organization to support, and provide a safe space for necessary conversations.


Advertising: Members design educational posts related to relevant social justice content, maintain TVAC’s social media presence, and create merchandise. 


Internal Event Planning: Members plan engaging events that foster a community among members, reach out to passionate guest speakers, and promote inclusivity within TVAC.


External Event Planning: Members maintain public relations with other student organizations, organize events and our annual benefit show, and provide ways to connect with local communities through outreach. 


Finance: Members manage departmental budgets, keep track of inventory and artwork sales, maintain balance sheets, and ensure that donations are made to our chosen philanthropy.

             FALL 2022

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Texas Visual Arts Collective (TVAC) is currently looking for individuals who desire to be part of a community of creatives and allies willing to spark conversations on social justice issues through art and education. TVAC isn't just an organization for creative individuals as there is a role for everybody in our team. TVAC is composed of six departments: Art, Internal Event Planning, External Event Planning, Advertising, Finance, and Philanthropy. You may only apply for one department so choose

the department you feel most passionate

about and qualified for. We encourage anyone

who is interested to apply, regardless of

major or creative talent!

If you have any questions, either contact us

below or message us on social media.



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